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New ‘Fudgesicle’ Children’s Book Released

January 26, 2023 tinee@sjdworld.com Comments Off

Minister Tinee Furbert has released a new children’s book, Fudgesicle, which features a young girl’s introduction to a chocolate-flavored Bermuda fudgesicle, with illustrations by Bermudian artist Gherdai Hassell.

The book is described as: “Fudgesicle is a colorful, positive, upbeat story of a young girl’s introduction to a chocolate-flavored Bermuda fudgesicle. Together, Novi and her mom discover how different fudgesicles can be compared to various brown skin tones, including her own.

“During their day’s journey, Novi experiences disappointment and joy and learns self-awareness, self-image, and self-confidence lessons. Gherdai Hassell, a Bermudian artist, beautifully illustrated the book, and it includes a blank coloring page so readers can color Novi.”

Tinee Furbert said, “Fudgesicle will draw you nearer to remembering your favorite childhood frozen treat in a fun and imaginative way. The story is a journey towards self-reflection and diversity as Novi discovers similar brown skin shades, human qualities, and family connections through Fudgesicles.”

Gherdai Hassell said, “I wanted to illustrate Fudgesicle because it reminded me of myself as a little girl, exploring the world, figuring out how to come to terms with who I was as a little black girl, how to love my own skin. The book is esteem building, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Fudgesicle will be available at www.tineesplace.com and at local bookstores.