Rhea Gibbons

This is a very special book that touched my heart in how it celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of Bermuda’s people.
As a mixed race Bermudian, as a child, I often felt that it was difficult to find spaces where I belonged and could be all parts of me. So often now as adult POCs (person of colors) we hear and discuss the importance of representation in order to foster a sense of belonging, and validating ones life experiences and world views, while understanding that often we lack the tools for this to happen organically within mainstream culture. And yet, ‘Fudgesicle’ achieves this in it’s simplicity and the positive message that it has for it’s readers: unity, community, self-acceptance and family. The illustrations are eye catching, and the references to iconic Bermuda landmarks grounds it in reality.

The book is an invaluable ally in homes, classrooms, and therapeutic practices as it reminds us that differences can and should be celebrated and that no matter the colour of our skin, we belong.