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“Did you read what I just wrote? Fudgesicle

A new book for young girls to affirm their color and love the skin they are in!
This story is a journey towards self-reflection and diversity as Novi discovers similar
brown skin shades, human qualities and family connections through Fudgesicles.

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About The Author

Tinee Furbert is a Bermudian author and occupational therapist. She has a passion for children’s literature. Tinee remembers as a child calling into Bermuda Youth Library’s “Dial-A-Story” to listen to bedtime stories every night. It was only fittlng that she would set out on the journey of writing a children’s book. Tinee recognizes the power of storytelling to empower black and brown girls and women to be their best and whole selves. When she is not advocating for young exceptional people and seniors. she en,oys traveling. food tasting and spending time with loved ones. She lives and works in Bermuda with her family and her fur baby, Remy Ma.



Gladnora Ming Pre-school Educator

Fudgesicle is a lyrical journey to self discovery! Together the author and illustrator paint a beautiful picture of childhood memories with beautiful pastels depicting common locations in Bermuda.

Rhea Gibbons MAAT Art Therapist

This is a very special book that touched my heart in how it celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of Bermuda's people.
As a mixed race Bermudian, as a child, I often felt that it was difficult to find spaces where I belonged and could be all parts of me. So often now as adult POCs (person of colors) we hear and discuss the importance of representation in order to foster a sense of belonging, and validating ones life experiences and world views, while understanding that often we lack the tools for this to happen organically within mainstream culture. And yet, 'Fudgesicle' achieves this in it's simplicity and the positive message that it has for it's readers: unity, community, self-acceptance and family. The illustrations are eye catching, and the references to iconic Bermuda landmarks grounds it in reality.
The book is an invaluable ally in homes, classrooms, and therapeutic practices as it reminds us that differences can and should be celebrated and that no matter the colour of our skin, we belong.

Kristin Burt First Lady of Bermuda

Fudgesicle is a truly delightful story! This book made me feel so proud - proud to be a black woman, a black mother, proud of my black daughter and our big black families! The story subtly shows how mothers can use simple, everyday experiences to share lasting life lessons with our growing girls, like how to be self-aware and confident. The illustrations will delight readers of all ages, but especially Bermudian readers who will get a little taste of home. I can’t wait to share Fudgesicle with my daughter and others who love little black girls.

Ru-Zelda Severin Interim Executive Director National Educators’ Institute

Fudgesicle is an engaging, gorgeously depicted culturally relevant book where little Black girls can find yummy representations of themselves. Each person of African descent in Novi’s world is a different shade of wondrous sun-toasted delight. Hassell, against whimsical yet relatable backdrops of Bermuda, illustrates Novi loving and being loved by all shades of valuable fudgesicle flavoured family and friends. While the message of positive self-concept and rejection of colourism is strong, the journey through Novi’s day also provides opportunities to talk with young children about making choices and encountering disappointment. With any luck, Furbert will provide Bermuda’s little Black girls with a series of Fudgesicle delights!

Terry Cox Educator

Fudgesicles, straight-parted afro-puffs with Nana, Godma, Mommy and Daddy all wrapped up against the beautifully illustrated backdrops of Bermudian landmarks.
This book reminds me of growing up in Bermuda as a little  black girl and now a book to celebrate the awesome range of our skin tones represented in the beloved favorite summer treat of the fudgesicle.

Kim Wilkerson Lawyer

“I absolutely love, love, love this book. It is wonderfully written by Tinee and beautifully illustrated by Gherdai. But more than that, while we are living in a moment where representation matters for black and brown people, this book goes further in validating every skin shade, particularly for our little black girls who are still combatting colorism in the classroom and on the playground.”

Evangelist Nikita Robinson Radio Personality

Author and Minister Tinee Furbert and illustrator Gherdai Hassell have hit a six with this book. Wow! A Bermudian book that parents of colour can read to their children and easily show them the beautiful shades and tones that we have been created in. A book that celebrates our various skin tones in a fun and delicious way. It even celebrates the beauty and creativity of our hairstyles. Can’t wait to try a Bermudian cinnamon fudgesicle that looks like me. Where do I purchase?


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